Make data-driven decisions that grow profits.

Get insights from your data in minutes, not days.

Data Strategy. Analytics & Reporting. Data ETL.

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Our Approach

Organize: We get it. You have a lot of data in different places. You spend hours manually combining this data into spreadsheets to analyze it. We can help you save this time and get a handle on your data by combining and cleaning your data, and streamlining your data-related processes through automation.

Discover: There’s a story hidden in your data – about how your business is doing, whats working (e.g.: Facebook Ads) and whats not working (e.g.: a certain product line). We help you uncover the insights in your data by creating reports and dashboards using Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, Domo, or any other tool of your choice.

Innovate: We help you apply insights uncovered from your data to drive growth and improvements in your business using sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms.

We have deep domain expertise, backed by United States patents and products used by millions of customers. Our clients come from eCommerce, retail thrift stores, insurance brokerage, and solar energy.

Laxmi Arte (CEO)

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Data Strategy & Architecture

We assess your current state, understand your goals, and create a data architecture and road map to achieve these goals.

Data Analysis

We dissect your data and apply algorithms to produce valuable business insights.

Data visualization

We create beautiful dashboards with Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio and other tools, so your business data is always just a click away.

AI/machine learning

We apply advances in AI to solve *your* business problem

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